15th MECYO took place in Linz – 3 July 2019

 The 15th Meeting of European Communist Youth Organizations took place in Linz, Austria.

The Meeting of European Communist Youth Organizations (MECYO) is an important annual initiative to increase the exchange and discussion between communist youth organization struggling in Europe. The 15th MECYO took place in Linz, Austria, on June 29-30 with the participation of 17 communist youth organizations. This year, the meeting was hosted by the Communist Youth of Austria (KJÖ), in coordination with the Party of Labour of Austria (PdA).

On June 29, a seminar was organized with the motive for exchanging “experience and conclusions drawn from the struggle of the Communist Youth Organizations in the pupils’, students’ and workers’ movement for the peoples’ contemporary needs.” The seminar took off with the greeting messages expressed on behalf of the KJÖ and PdA and continued with the comradely exchange of particular experiences from different revolutionary struggles from all around Europe.

Following the seminar, most of the participant organizations undersigned a common declaration.


The Revolution will proclaim: “I was, I am, I shall be!” (R. Luxemburg)

The youth is the future. Future is Socialism.

The Communist Youth Organizations in the forefront of struggle in conflict with the capital and the capitalist exploitation.

One hundred years after the murder of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht the Communist Youth Organisations (CYOs) of Europe, the forefront of the youth, we struggle against the intensifying attacks of capital and for our rights and interests. All over Europe, we can observe that the dictatorship of capital and the monopolies is undoubtedly showing its face.

Today, we, as the young people of the working class and the popular strata, face the consequences of the anti-people policies that are being implemented all over Europe. We have become a cheap and flexible labour force for the large companies, without labour – insurance and social rights. In order to prepare a (future) workforce, which is perfectly equipped for this prospect, social services like childcare or education are constantly connected to the needs of capitalism. The changes of the education system in each country, based on the guidelines of the European Union, reflect this. The large companies intervene in our fields of studies, transforming education into a field of profitability, aiming to form the cheap and flexible labour force that will lead the economy of Europe to growth with only the few and rich profiting.

The ongoing changes create the myth that a decent and equal life is possible but in fact these policies of the bourgeois governments try to divide us and indoctrinate us with their propaganda even earlier in life, try to increase competition between the workers. The class barriers appear early in our lives, as 10.2% of school students in the EU drop out of school. We study in universities by paying tuitions and student loans, even in the public universities. These politics create a situation with a youth and working class, which is forced to work under poor conditions, wandering from country to country in order to find a job. Today in the EU, 113 million people, namely 22.5% of the population, live below the official poverty threshold. Unemployment and precariousness have become an inseparable part of our lives. The fact that 12.5 million young people are in occupational mobility, neither working nor studying, is characteristic. Simultaneously aspects of health and social support have been transformed into fields of profit for the monopolies and have been commodified by capitalism. Due to that, they have become in large parts a mainly became a privilege for those who can afford them.

At the same time, a huge amount of money is spent on military equipment in the framework of the imperialist offensive and the intensified competitions among the capitalist states regarding the control of the energy resources and the commodity and energy transport routes. Τhe war climate and the military preparations of states and imperialist alliances, such as NATO and the EU are intensifying. The European Defense Fund has again this year provided billions of euros for the preparation of tomorrow’s wars , PESCO and the European Intervention Initiative are reinforced, so that the EU will not be left behind in the distribution of markets. These developments are posing great risks for the peoples of Europe, as the danger of a more generalized war is growing.

In Europe, the EU, as an advanced form of capitalist interstate integration, an imperialist alliance with partial conflicting interests internally, plays an important role also, in enforcing the anti-people policies in our countries, targeting the youth, the working class and the popular strata. At the same time that the EU has some contradictions with the USA, they are united against the peoples and together they promote their imperialist plans.

The correlation of forces in Europe remains negative for the peoples, as was shown by the results of the recent European parliamentary elections. The Communist Parties and Communist Youth Organizations continue to struggle in difficult conditions. There is justifiable popular discontent against the bourgeois parties that “traditionally” govern and implement the anti-people policy. It is a fact that the rearrangement of the bourgeois parties that the European elections brought is not in favor of the peoples. That is because the discontent was mainly directed towards parties that have already provided credentials to capital. The developments prove the great responsibilities of the European social-democracy, which includes the alleged “renewed” left, to trap popular forces in the illusion of a pro-people turn inside the EU, in some occasions by presenting itself as the countervailing force against the far-right, using it as a “scarecrow”. While in concrete reality, even with different agenda, the goal is the same, intensification of capitalist exploitation and the fulfillment of the interests of the monopolies.

We, the CYOs, continue to fight for a radical line of recovery and reinforcement of the communist and workers’ movement all over Europe, away from the deadly embrace of social-democracy, the beautification of the EU or the illusion of fixing it for the benefit of the popular interests, while they are implementing together with the right-wing and the neoliberal the reactionary and anti-people measures. The people and the youth must give a combative response to the racist and fascist forces. They must give a response to the anti-communism and to the attack against popular liberties, which are intensifying and used as the spearhead against the workers’ movement.

The struggle of the classes is not over. In Europe, militant moments will continue to break out, like during the past months, e.g. the strikes in Amazon (in Spain and Germany), the mobilizations in large workplaces and the streets in France and Hungary, against precariousness and unemployment all over Europe, the school student mobilizations of hundreds of thousands in Italy. All these struggles are based on the objective ground of the sharpened problems of the workers and the youth. This popular discontent is the fuel for our revolutionary theses and actions. and it will never dry up as long as capitalism exists. The communists will make sure that it will not go to waste.

We fight for the Europe of Socialism, the Europe of workers’ and people’s rights, of social progress, solidarity, peace and cooperation. Out of the bonds of the imperialist alliances, with the peoples in every country having the power and the wealth they produce in their own hands. In order to strengthen this prospect today, in order to strengthen the workers’- people’s opposition against the capitalist governmental policies, in order to rally forces in the daily conflict against capital, the peoples and the youth need strong Communist Parties and Communist Youth Organizations in every country and every city, in every workplace, university and school, in every neighbourhood.

We, the Communist Youth Organisations of Europe, struggle actively inside the workers’ movement against unemployment, precariousness, insecurity at the workplaces. We struggle for a real increase of wages, for a reduction of the working hours and the assurance of the contemporary rights of the young workers. We struggle for a militant student movement together for public and free education for all students.

We struggle for the right for free and creative time, for the right of access to sports and culture. We mobilise the youth, organising sports or cultural programmes, in contrast to the mainly expensive and sometimes toneless opportunities capitalism provides only to those who can afford it.

In times of increasing homelessness in Europe and rising costs for rents, we struggle for the right of housing. We struggle for the possibility of the youth and young families to live on their own and move out of their parents’ homes. We struggle for the working class and the popular strata to live under decent conditions.

We fight against NATO, USA, EU, all imperialist forces and alliances, against all imperialist interventions. We have a duty to join our voices with the peace movement in today’s struggles. We stand by the side of the peoples that are targeted by the imperialist aggressionIn a period that the inter-imperialist contradictions and the dangers of a more generalised war are sharpening, capital becomes more aggressive against the peoples, demanding more and more sacrifices for its profitability. We strengthen the struggle against capital, we fight for a society without wars, poverty, refugees. We are also those who carry the responsibility, to confront the rising of fascism that spreads hate, racism, xenophobia and threatens Europe once again.

We struggle for the protection of the environment. The commercialization of the environment, the monopoly groups, the pursuit of profit of capital are guilty for its destruction. That is why the destruction of the environment is inscribed into the DNA of the capitalist mode of production. The Communist Youth Organisations come in conflict with the monopoly groups, and the EU, which destroy the environment for the benefit of the business profits. At the same time, we denounce the efforts of some sectors of capital that have interests in the green industry and in industrial reconversion, to use the youth movements as pressure on the governments for the defense of their interests. These sectors of capital pursuit their profit and cannot be our ally in the struggle for the defense of the environment.

The Communist Youth Organizations of Europe, we strengthen our intervention in the worker, student and school student movement. We expose the character of the politics of the bourgeois governments, of the EU, and imperialists. We show the youth, the working class and the popular strata, that the only alternative to the world we live in is Socialism. The overthrow of the USSR and the other socialist states in Europe, the victory of the counter-revolution is only temporary. The capitalist system, in its last, imperialist stage, it rots and dies. Its contradictions cannot be overcome. The words of Rosa Luxemburg are still true a century later:

“You foolish lackeys! Your “order” is built on sand. Tomorrow the revolution will “rise up again, clashing its weapons,” and to your horror it will proclaim with trumpets blazing: I was, I am, I shall be!” (Rosa Luxemburg 1919).


Communist Youth of Austria, KJÖ

Young Socialists of the Socialist Workers’ Party of Croatia

United Democratic Youth Organisation, EDON (Cyprus)

Communist Youth Union, KSM (Czech Republic)

Movement of Young Communists of France

Socialist German Workers Youth, SDAJ

Young Communist League of Britain

Communist Youth of Greece, KNE

Workers’ Party Youth, WPY (Ireland)

Connolly Youth Movement, CYM (Ireland)

Front of Communist Youth, FGC (Italy)

Communist Youth Movement, CJB (Netherlands)

Portuguese Communist Youth, JCP

Leninist Communist Youth Union of Russian Federation, LKSM RF

Revolutionary Communist Youth League (Bolsheviks), RKSMb (Russia)

Young Communist League of Yugoslavia, SKOJ (Serbia)

Collectives of Young Communists, CJC (Spain)

Communist Youth Union of Spain, UJCE

Communist Youth of Catalonia, JCC

Communist Youth of Turkey, TKG