About Us

The identity that we represent had been proudly held once by Mustafa Suphi, Nazım Hikmet, Harun Karadeniz, and all others… We are trying to reproduce the “communist” identity witihn the youth. A youth which produces politics in favour of the labour, which defends scientific thought and free mind against the fundamentalist darkness, which seeks for the advanced in arts and philosophy, which believes in the possiblty of political and socal equality among people, and which accordingly undertakes the mission of socialist construction on these lands. The Communist Youth of Turkey (TKG) rejects the conditions of exploitation and darkness imposed to today’s youth. Capitalist plunder, corrupting our world and the humanity, will be stopped and an egaltarian social order will be built!


Students are future workers. And how about today? Students are working to afford ther educational expenses, receiving credits from public institution, and getting proletarianised while still in school. Ths reality alone points out with whom young students shall take ther side in the class struggle. No one can ever deny that schools and campuses are places for politics! Who can ever affirm that school courses are free of politics and ideology? It is normal to discuss politics in school rows and university halls and communists represent the political line of the working class in these discussions. Communists do not rely on reactionary nonsenses or liberal hypocrsy but show thier intellectual and struggling identity. However, it is obvious that we cannot limit our struggle with schools and campuses. Today proletarianisation begins as early as in school years and the stage called “graduation” is a synonym for unemployment or grats exploitation.


 The TKG strives to organise in our fight for socialst power young workers who are employed in unsecured flexible working conditions. Today in Turkey, a considerable part of the youth is obliged to work while still attending school. The AKP government and capitalist class are causing a chaos in the education system in order to lower the age for joining the life struggle. Moreover, millions of young people working in bars, cafes, studios, plazas, and many other places show similar cultural habits and ideologcal tendencies with their student peers. The TKG is the political representative and organiser of the social demands and interests of these masses, which are especially concentrated in big cities. It is the utmost mission of the struggle for socialsm to surpass with creativty the diffculties in organising these young workers, who are exposed to capitalist exploitation at first hand but who do not welcome the fundamentalist darkness, and to build strong bonds and positions in city centres.


Youngsters, who want to live freely according to ther own will, show great incompatibilty wth reactonism although they are exposed to the impositions of imams in guise of teachers. What capitalist power wants is a Turkey where human life is cheap but bread is expensive and where people bow down with religious submission or with complete numbness. Once human mind is paralysed with religious fundamentalism or drugs, people’s “fate” is drawn in accordance with the needs of capitalst production. Idea for Enlightenment cannot blossom if relied on the shoulders of “secular” reactionaries who oppose the idea of an organised people, who think with their fears instead of their minds, who decide in respect to ther pockets instead of their hearts, and who pretend to be people’s “shepherds” by reducing ther conscious action to artifical microcosms and ballots. Enlightenment means primarily humankind and human mind. It is the liberaton of the human mind with the idea that struggle is waged on nowhere but this world. World is to be changed by people. Not just one person but people as a whole… Not just a minorty but as the people themselves… Communism is the continuation of this idea, as a political movement which aims the passage of the power in the hands of the working people and elimination of any socio-economic obstacle in front of the progress of the humanity.


TKG is an active member of the international communist youth movement. It s a branch of the chain of struggles for socialism against imperalist savagery all around the world. It is “our job” to stand still againsti mperalist attacks, against anti-labour policies implemented everywhere by institutions such as IMF, NATO, EU, against warmonger politics of capitalst governments and to bond fraternal relations with our comrades from different countries. Therefore, we are in contact and in solidarity with communist youth organisations all over the world.

JOIN US  If you want to take your place in this struggle and embrace the Socialism Programme, become a part of this identity engendered by the youth of the Communst Party of Turkey. Do not fear, do not bow down. For together we shall free our country from darkness, oppression, and plunder.