Communist Youth of Turkey protests rape suspect academic – 1 March 2020

Hasan Bilgili, a professor at Ankara University, was on trial without arrest for raping a 23-year-old veterinarian at his private hospital, in a court in Ankara on February 26.

The Communist Youth of Turkey (TKG) gathered in front of the courthouse in Ankara on February 26 before the trial to release a declaration against the academic.

The declaration is as follows:

Former academic in the Veterinary Faculty of Ankara University and owner of a private veterinary hospital, Hasan Bilgili raped a veterinarian while she was working at his hospital. However, the university administration only made evasive explanations instead of taking legal action against Bilgili.

It seems that the dirt of this decaying social order has also stained the universities. As Ceren Damar’s case ended last week [another woman who was killed by her student while working as an academic in Çankaya University, Ankara], today we have witnessed the same shameful commentaries and defenses as made in Damar’s case trial.

For example, in the first trial, the question “Have you not struggled?” posed to the female doctor, reveals that the court lays all the responsibility on the shoulders of the victim while defending the bosses.

Capitalism is increasing its oppression on the workers and women day by day. The fight between the bosses and the workers becomes even crueler for the working women, repressing them in all aspects, especially leading them to financial difficulties.

However, the workers are not doomed to this dark social order! It is possible to overthrow this obsolete system in order to build a new order in favor of the workers as long as we do not give up hope from our struggle for a brighter future. Just like in the Şule Çet’s case in our search for justice, we will continue to say:

The real justice will be served only when we overthrow this reactionary social order that exploits the workers, the women, and the youth, when we build socialism as there will be no exploitation of person by person.

As the Communist Youth of Turkey, our fight against the reactionary professors will not only continue at universities or courtrooms but all across the country. We are calling on all the working women and the youth to be part of this struggle and to get organized in the ranks of socialism!