Communist Youth of Turkey (TKG) calls for solidarity against social media account blocking

Communist Youth of Turkey’s official Instagram account was closed 3 weeks ago without any justification. The steps taken against the blocking, which is thought to have occurred as a result of a planned spam attack, were left unanswered. TKG, which opened a new account instead of the account that was closed 3 weeks ago, issued a statement and called for solidarity to friends to share the account. In the statement, reminding that social media is frequently used as a means of manipulation by bourgeois politics, it was underlined that the struggle will continue in all areas against anti-communist attacks.

The full statement is as follows:

“Communist Youth of Turkey’s official Instagram account was closed three weeks ago without any justification. We took steps towards reactivation of our account, which was closed on a planned attack, but we did not get any response. It is a long-standing fact that the ruling ideology is trying to capture the minds of young people with lies and provocations at every moment of our lives. The social order that creates wars, poverty and suicides tries to suppress those who object to their contamination on every platform.

The Internet and social media are not apart from this. However, the Internet’s own dynamics and current habits of youth on getting news often not only pierce these bans, but also create their own culture of solidarity. Internet users provide access to information in a variety of ways, and an egalitarian approach is becoming widespread, even in an environment where large information monopolies operate entirely for market needs and manipulate everything from political advertisements to public opinion research.

While neo-Nazi and jihadist groups are easily organizing in various virtual channels, we saw in dozens of examples from blackening during the US-backed coup attempt in Venezuela in the past months to closing the official twitter accounts of Cuba and Raul Castro that the anti-communist siege will be tried to continue on social media.

However, Communist Youth of Turkey refuses this siege. Using the information tools of our age, we will continue to organize in every field where youth exists and to raise our voices against the system of exploitation.

We invite all our friends and comrades to make our voice heard and spread through our new account, and to solidarity.

TKG’s Instagram account is as follows: