We ask to the government: How many lives do young workers have to sacrifice for capitalist class?

In the additional circular of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which explained the exceptions for the curfew for young people between the ages of 18-20, public employees, people who document that they work in the private sector, and seasonal agricultural workers were exempted from the curfew.

The meaning of this decision is clear: The bourgeoisie puts the continuity of the production before the life of the young workers! The capitalist class act as it wants, considers young people staying home to be protected from pandemic as “workforce loss.” However, humans are not cost elements.

In Turkey, the number of workers under 20 years of age is 4 million, and 720 thousand of this is young people and children between the ages of 15-17. Anyone in this age group should stay in their homes, using the unconditional right to paid leave to avoid the epidemic.

Youth cannot be brought back and bought!

This system that condemns school-aged children and youth must be abolished. Living humanly is easier than accumulating capital. Therefore, it is vital to be organized in the ranks of socialism for a humane life.

Young brothers and sisters!

Take a step to save your life from the hands of the capitalists, join the ranks of the socialist revolution!