World Federation of Democratic Youth’s call to the youth of Turkey: ‘no’ to dictatorship – 22 March 2017

The World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) made a statement, calling the youth of Turkey to take part in the upcoming referendum in Turkey and vote ‘no’ together with the Communist Youth of Turkey (TKG) as the member organisation of the federation.


Putting forth that the upcoming referendum will create a constitutional dictatorship and one-man rule that will deteriorate the lives of the working people, WFDY’s declaration continued: “Deaths of workers, child labour and cheap labour, long working hours, privatisation are all incidents reflecting the reality of life in Turkey.”

WFDY also pointed to the role of Turkey’s political power in imperialist plans and their consequences: “Youth of Turkey should say no to the participation in imperialist wars as seen in Syria. Refugees escaping to Turkey from the said interventions are living in camps in miserable conditions. They are employed as cheap labour force under the threat of being expelled not only from work but from the country by deportation.”


WFDY’s statement echoed the stance of the Communist Youth of Turkey for the referendum that will take place on April 17, “Youth should say no in the referendum, yet with the consciousness that it will not be enough to fulfill their demands for the future.”

Declaring its support to the struggle of communists in Turkey, WFDY stated: “The WFDY expresses its full support and solidarity towards its member organization, the Communist Youth of Turkey (TKG), and the youth’s struggle in Turkey for their rights, for freedom, scientific and accessible education, employment with rights, and for peace.” “We express our confidence in the young communists in Turkey and in the youth struggle for their rights, interests, and aspirations; we affirm our internationalist solidarity with their struggle!”, WFYD concluded its call to the youth of Turkey.